Designed for the harsh climate of Quebec and featuring a refined and modern design, the Melymax High Performance positions itself as the new generation of steel doors. Redefining the quality standards, it surpasses any other product of the industry. Thicker, more robust and watertight, this innovative door provides an insulation and a superior resistance in every way, for an unparalleled durability and comfort.

In collaboration with Melymax, Novatech creates the High Performace door. Constantly searching for innovation, Melymax is presently developing components in order to bring this new design a step further!  Thanks to its steel which is 30% thicker, its additional insulation, integral seal as well as its double protection against air and water leakage, the Melymax High Performance provides energy efficiency and excellent soundproofing; the best on the market.

  • Why choose the Melymax High Performance door ?

    The Melymax High Performance is an innovative steel door that surpasses the competition.  In addition to give your home a modern and gorgeous look, it offers twice as much structural integrity as a standard door.  It also includes superior characteristics designed to ensure an exceptional durability, a perfect seal and an optimal energy performance.

    Always with the aim of remaining the leader in the steel door industry, Melymax works with Novatech, an innovative partner, for the design and production of the Melymax High Performance

  • Personalize your door High Performance

    The Melymax High Performance door is customizable to meet your tastes and needs. Seven models are available and can be modified for a modern or more traditional  architectural look.  Some characteristics are optional and can be added, like the triple sealed glass.

  • Selection of colors (optional extra)

    All the doors requiring a paint application are treated in our paint room and  thermoreactor drying oven. You then obtain a higher quality finish, shorter deadlines and a wide selection of colors.

    We use a high quality paint specially developed for doors and windows. This paint is resistant to sunlight, scratches and chemical products.

    Our steel doors keep their sheen for long and are guaranteed for 25 years !

    Here is an overview of colour samples to inspire you. What will be your colour ?

  • Potential Configurations

  • The Melymax difference

    For more than 15 years, Melymax has been manufacturing state-of-the-art steel doors representing the best options on the market. By collaborating with renowned suppliers, we make sure to obtain high quality components, designed specifically for our needs. Each door is hand-assembled in our workshop, with passion and precision.

    We have always cared about manufacturing robust and sustainable products adapted to our climate.  The consistent quality of the products as well as the excellence of the after-sales service contribute to the reputation of Melymax.  This commitment is our strength and allows us, not only to set us apart in the Canadian market, but also to offer one of the best guarantees in the industry !

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Selection of stained glass

Choose from a wide selection of decorative glasses from one of our partners.

Fully designed and manufactured in Quebec